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Regenica® in Plano, TX

As we age, gravity takes effect on the appearance of our skin, causing it to look dull, thin and tired. A new technology has been developed to combat the signs of aging, restoring the skin to a naturally healthy state. Regenica® is a customized skin care treatment designed to stimulate cell growth, and therefore, reverse the signs of aging. The Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center of Texas offers Regenica® skin care treatment to residents of Plano, Frisco, and the greater Dallas metro area. Now you can try this revolutionary anti-aging skin treatment so that you look and feel your best.

What is Regenica®?

This skin rejuvenation procedure was developed by the latest technology, to enhance and beautify your skin. By speeding up the body’s own cells’ ability to regenerate and repair damage due to aging and stress, this revolutionary technology uses a mixture of proteins and growth factors to stimulate cell activity.

This advanced skin care system utilizes gels, creams, and sunscreens to help cleanse, correct and hydrate your skin. With your customized skin treatment, you can restore your skin to a refreshed, youthful appearance. Your cells will be stimulated to act like stem cells, therefore encouraging growth factors that will rejuvenate your skin.




Benefits of Regenica®

Regenica® uses advanced scientific methods to help your skin cells regenerate in a natural way. This process creates an embryonic-like environment designed to stimulate cell growth, leaving you with glowing, younger-looking skin. Using Regenica® is easy — the products require daily application during your regular beauty routine. This advanced treatment will protect, repair and rehydrate your skin over time, with noticeable results.

A good candidate for Regenica®

Anyone can be a good candidate for this revolutionary treatment. If you feel insecure or embarrassed by visible signs of aging in your skin, Regenica® may be right for you. A consultation will help you determine which products will aid in your skin’s recovery. Used exclusively or with other products, the Regenica® skin treatment can help reverse the signs of aging and restore a healthy glow to your skin.

Our board certified plastic surgeons will discuss with you the various products offered by Regenica® and your expectations for the treatment. Each individual is unique, which is why your treatment will be customized for you specifically. The Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center of Texas offers superior quality Regenica® products to residents and visitors in the Plano, TX, and Frisco, TX areas, as well as the communities surrounding Dallas.