World Class Plastic and Hand Surgery in Plano, TX

Welcome to the official website the Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center of Texas, staffed by board certified plastic surgeons who are recognized as leading cosmetic surgeons in all of Texas. Our board certified plastic surgeons have earned numerous awards and accolades during their more than 20 years in practice, allowing them to attract patients from all over the globe. They are also the founders of a world-class skin care and cosmetic surgery facility that provides a wide range of services. Whether you are simply looking for new skin care products to help you look younger or would like to firm and tighten problem areas of the body, our board certified plastic surgeons can easily meet your needs.

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, your results largely depend on the skill of your surgeon. Our board certified plastic surgeons are knowledgeable, experienced physicians who are regularly called on to lecture and teach other up-and-coming surgeons. Since they are highly skilled in the area of cosmetic surgery, you can feel confident knowing you are achieving the best results possible.




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