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Male Facelift in Plano, TX

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Male Facelift in Plano, TX

Many signs of aging are believed to make a man look more distinguished, but at some point, lines, wrinkles, and creases make you less attractive. Your confidence slowly declines, and you struggle with your self-image. This can affect you socially and professionally. If you live in Plano, Frisco, and the greater Dallas area, schedule a consultation with our board certified plastic surgeons to learn about our male facelift procedures. Our board certified plastic surgeons are highly skilled and experienced who specializes in male facelift techniques.

What Is A Male Facelift?

A male facelift is recommended for men who have more advanced signs of aging on the face. Our board certified plastic surgeons recommends the procedure for reducing lines, wrinkles, and creases as well as removing excess fat and skin. Fat transfers may also be integrated into the procedure to enhance the masculinity of your features. After the procedure, you look refreshed, yet appropriate for your age. Men in the Dallas area who have male facelifts by our board certified plastic surgeons feel energized about their lives and appearances.

Male Facelift Benefits

Your male facelift will achieve goals that are specific to your anatomy, such as:

  • Restoring the masculinity of your face
  • Softening lines, wrinkles, and creases
  • Enhancing muscle definition, jawline, and contours

Who Is A Good Candidate For A Male Facelift?

Male facelifts are recommended for men who have more advanced signs of aging that cannot be corrected with Botox® and fillers. The procedure does not correct problems associated with superficial problems on your skin. Our board certified plastic surgeons may recommend laser resurfacing in conjunction with your male facelift. The surgery will also not change the bone structure of your face.

How Is A Male Facelift Performed?

Scarring is a top concern for men who are considering facelifts. Incisions are needed, but they are placed in locations where the scars are hidden after you are completely healed. The most common incision sites are along the hairline, under the jawline and around the ears. Once the incisions are made, our board certified plastic surgeons has access to the muscles and soft tissues to make the changes needed for you to look younger. He may tighten the muscles with sutures. Excess fat may be removed and used in other parts of the face to improve your contours. The remaining fat and skin is stretched and sutured in place. Excess skin and fat is cut away.

Why Choose Our Board Certified Plastic Surgeons For Your Male Facelift

A man’s face needs to be masculine. In order to achieve this, your surgeon needs to be experienced in techniques that meet the unique needs of the male face. our board certified plastic surgeons are experienced in male facelifts, so you can feel confident in the outcome of your male facelift.

How Much Does A Male Facelift Cost in Plano?

The average cost of a male facelift is $11,500 to $17,100. We will be able to provide you with a more accurate cost following your consultation. Our practice accepts CareCredit® as a financing option.

When you decide to have a male facelift, the first step is to find the right plastic surgeon, one who is experienced in the specific techniques needed for the masculine features of men’s faces. Our board certified plastic surgeons of the Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center of Texas offers high-quality treatment to men in Plano, TX, and Frisco, TX, as well as the communities surrounding Dallas.