Latisse® in Plano, TX

Latisse® in Plano, TX

If you’re a resident of Plano, Frisco, or the greater Dallas metro area who is looking for longer eyelashes, with improved thickness and fullness, then visit board-certified plastic surgeons at the Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center of Texas.

What Is Latisse®?

If you use mascara or false eyelashes to enhance your eyes, Latisse® offers a better solution to your thin, short natural lashes. Latisse® is FDA-approved and contains a special formulation that is clinically-proven to grow and thicken your eyelashes. When you use Latisse® as directed, you see noticeable results after only two weeks.

Benefits of Latisse®

While other solutions for short, thin eyelashes give you limited results, Latisse®:

  • Thickens and lengthens your natural eyelashes
  • Offers permanent eyelash enhancement with continued use
  • Is easier to apply than mascara and eyeliner
  • Improves eyelashes in two weeks with full results after 16 weeks
  • Darkens eyelashes for some patients
  • Is a convenient, at-home prescription treatment

What Is The Procedure for Latisse®?

For best results, you should apply Latisse® as directed. If our board certified plastic surgeons determines that Latisse® is right for you, he demonstrates how to apply the product. When using Latisse® at home, remove all of the makeup from your eye area, and dry the skin completely. If you wear contact lenses, you should remove them as well. Use the special applicator that comes with Latisse® to ensure proper application, and you should never allow someone else to use the applicator. Add a drop of Latisse® to the applicator, and then gently brush the solution along the base of your upper eyelashes. You should begin at the corner of your eye and work outward. You can remove any excess solution by dabbing the area with a cotton ball or tissue. Avoid wiping the treated area. We recommend that you apply Latisse® at night to allow the product to penetrate into the base of the lashes. You do not need to apply Latisse® to your lower eyelashes because closing your eyes to sleep or blink automatically transfers the product to your lower eyelashes.

At Home Care

Latisse® is easy to use, but you should take some basic precautions:

  • Take care not to get the solution in your eyes. If you do, rinse your eye completely with saline solution or water.
  • Use only one drop of the product per eye.
  • Only apply Latisse® to your upper eyelashes, avoiding the lower eyelashes and eyelids.

If you experience any problems, unexpected results or have other concerns, please contact our office to schedule a follow-up appointment with our board certified plastic surgeons.

How Much Does Latisse® Cost?

Latisse® treatment needs to be tailored to each patient. Our board certified plastic surgeons provides instructions on how often to use the product. The frequency of use determines how long an individual bottle of Latisse® will last, so the cost varies by person. Although Latisse® gives you healthier eyelashes, the product is considered cosmetic and elective by your medical insurance. You are, therefore, responsible for the cost of your Latisse® prescription. The Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center of Texas accepts CareCredit as a financing option.

Is Latisse® Right for Me?

Latisse® is an FDA-approved product that is considered safe and effective for most patients to grow longer, thicker eyelashes. If you have a history of certain medical conditions, such as hypotrichosis, our board certified plastic surgeons may advise you that Latisse® is not right for you, and he may recommend other ways to improve your lashes and enhance your eyes.

What to Expect During Your Consultation

Certain eye conditions may preclude you from using Latisse®, so our board certified plastic surgeons discusses your medical history and performs a thorough examination of your eyes. He also discusses any methods that you have used to enhance your eyelashes. If he recommends Latisse®, he explains how the product will improve your eyelashes, steps to take in using the product and common side effects. We encourage you to ask questions and speak openly about any concerns.

When you’re looking for Latisse® treatments, finding the right skincare specialist is crucial to the success of your procedure. The Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center of Texas offers highly qualified services to residents and visitors in the Plano, TX and Frisco, TX areas, as well as the communities surrounding Dallas.

We offer the highest level of patient care available by customizing each treatment plan for the patient’s unique needs and concerns, and our record of success speaks for itself. Our clients love their new aesthetics, self-confidence, and outlook on life!