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Plastic Surgery for Grads?

Your teen is about to graduate high school! So now you are spending time thinking about the personalized gift you want to give him or her. After all, the hard work it took to reach this milestone is worth celebrating. But what if the only thing your child has been talking about is plastic surgery? Is it time to actually visit a plastic surgeon regarding his or her interest?

Parents giving their child plastic surgery as a graduation gift is not a rarity anymore. It has become more common than ever.

As stated in a recent article (“Why is plastic surgery a growing trend in teens?”) published on The American Society for Aesthetic Surgery (ASAPS) website, “Problems with self-esteem or self-image are common reasons teens choose to undergo procedures such as nose jobs, ear surgery, breast surgery, and microdermabrasion. However, it’s important to make sure he or she understands the seriousness of surgery and that it is ‘not a quick-fix to social problems.”

Therefore, before any action is taken, parents and their teen should research and discuss all of the factors to consider regarding the desired procedure. This includes potential risks and side effects, anesthesia, and the recovery period (a certain amount of time will need to be taken off from sports and other activities depending on the procedure being performed).

It is important to understand why your teen wants plastic surgery, such as correcting an embarrassing part of the body like his or her ears, nose, or breasts. Despite the pressure that many teenagers feel in high school, plastic surgery is a personal decision and should be done for the right reasons. You child should not undergo plastic surgery if he or she is seeking approval from someone else and/or just wants to fit in.

Also, according to the ASAPS, teens must wait until they are fully developed before undergoing plastic surgery, “Most plastic surgeons recommend patients wait until they are fully developed before undergoing plastic surgery procedures.” This means that a teen should be physically, mentally, and emotionally ready for surgery.

Our board certified plastic surgeons offers the latest in plastic surgery to Texas residents, as well patients worldwide. During the consultation with your teen, they will evaluate his or her area of concern and make sure to answer every question. At this time, they will also determine if plastic surgery is the best choice for your son or daughter at this stage.

*Teens under the age of 18 must have parental consent before undergoing plastic surgery.