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Simply Beautiful

Plastic Surgery in Plano, TXThe look of the season is simple, pure, and almost innocent beauty.  It is a look that says, “I have a clean and fresh look, without makeup.” When you look in the mirror, do you see beautiful skin?  Movie stars and magazine covers make it look so easy, with faces that are blemish-free, silky in texture, with small pores and even tones.  This skin can be yours!

Technology and skin care products can not only help the appearance of your skin but also help repair and reverse the signs of aging.  One of the best procedures for resurfacing is fractional lasers aka Fraxel®. Fraxel® is designed to penetrate deep into the dermal tissue making tiny fractional channels while leaving the surrounding tissue intact promoting the body’s natural healing. This process aides in the healthy growth of new, fresh, skin – replacing the old damaged cells.  Resurfacing will even out skin tones, poor texture, as well as stimulate collagen, resulting in less fine lines and better overall integrity of the tissue.

Fraxel® laser procedures are good for anti-aging, melasma (dark spots), and acne scar revision.   It is a safe laser on all skin types from Caucasian to the deeper tones of African Americans.

Many people ask if the treatment is painful.  Fractional laser feels like a hot, prickly sensation, which most patients find very tolerable with the use of a specially-formulated topical numbing agent.  Immediately following the procedure, you will feel as though you have a minor sunburn for 1-4 hours.  The next 3-5 days you may experience minor itching, a bronze appearance, and the texture will feel like fine sand paper.   Pre-treatment you will be given a skin regimen specific to your needs.  This will not only prepare your skin, but magnify the results of your investment and supply you with proper at-home maintenance.  You will not experience peeling or weeping.  You will, however, be healed after approximately one week and you will see a significant improvement in the skin.  This procedure resurfaces approximately 20-25 percent of the skin with each treatment.

For an overall fresh, makeup free face, call our office and stop aging in its tracks!  We will get you the smooth, beautiful skin everyone wants.  All you need is lip gloss; and we have that too!  Call NOW for a free consultation to a more beautiful you.