Will I Scar or Will I Not?

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Will I Scar or Will I Not?

Plastic Surgery in Plano, TXActually, the question should be, “How WELL will I scar?” For most plastic surgery patients, scarring is one of their biggest concerns. After all, you are having surgery to improve some aspect of your looks, right? It is important to take note of the fact that whenever an incision is made, there will be a scar, but many factors determine the final result such as age, skin tone, ethnicity, the size and depth of the incision and how the scar is cared for in the 12 months following surgery.

Our board certified plastic surgeons are master at suturing and makes every effort to “hide” incisions where appropriate. For instance, tummy tuck scars are hidden below the bikini line. Liposuction scars are placed in creases. Breast augmentation scars are typically placed in the infra-mammary fold so as not to be seen without looking under the breast.

In the days following surgery, the incision will probably be a dark purple red and will only improve from this point on. Underneath the scar, your body is producing collagen which continues for 6-8 weeks. Should you notice any thickening at all, we recommend using a silicone tape to help flatten the scar. Once the scar is flattened, we suggest a silicone scar gel with a built in sunscreen that will help improve the color AND protect the scar from the sun. Otherwise, pigment from a “tanned scar” will get trapped and make a more visible scar.

How do I know all of this? I am living proof! Board certified plastic surgeons performed my tummy tuck 2 years ago and when I sense a patient is struggling with the aftermath of a scar, I offer to show them mine. The usual comment is, “where is it?”!!! Fears are relieved and confidence to move forward is renewed.

It is important to remember that the complete healing of a scar takes a full twelve months so do not let this aspect of surgery stop you from having your dream procedure. You deserve it!