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Look Amazing During the Fall Season

A change in weather also means a change in the condition of your skin. And now that the heat from the summer months is over and we are experiencing the chill of Fall, it is important to focus on a seasonally appropriate skin care regimen. Here are some tips for keeping your skin healthy and hydrated:

Exfoliate: After spending an ample amount of time in the sun your skin can become dull and dry. By gently exfoliating the skin not only are dead skin cells removed, but sweat and sunscreen are cleared from clogged-up pores, resulting in a more attractive skin complexion.

Switch Cleanser: A deep-cleansing face wash should be used in the summer because oily skin is more prevalent. However, when the temperature begins to drop during the fall months a gentler cleanser should be used for removing dirt and oil without over-drying your face.

Moisturize: Although some individuals may not apply lotion due to the higher percentage of humidity in the summertime, lotion should regularly be applied in the fall. A moisturizer that contains basic vitamins and antioxidants should be sufficient for most.

Some of the non-surgical cosmetic treatments that can further enhance your skin’s appearance include:

Chemical Rejuvenation: Oftentimes, chemical peels are desired to effectively remove dull-looking skin and jumpstart the production of newly refreshing skin. Chemical peels help reverse the signs of sun damage that is brought on in the summer months, as well as improve the appearance of blemishes and discolored spots on the face.

There are different types of peels for different skin types. At Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center of Texas, we offer a range of peels, from lactic acid peels for gentle sloughing to the popular Obagi Blue Peel for a more intense revitalization of the skin.

Fotofacial: Also known as Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology, this procedure treats blotches, broken capillaries, and redness of the skin while building collagen on the face. The number of treatment sessions needed will depend on your desired results and how well your skin responds to the procedure.

Fraxel® Laser: Fraxel® laser treatments correct damaged skin and can improve the aging process that is responsible for the development of facial wrinkles and lines. The Fraxel® procedure targets specific microscopic areas of the skin using a laser that eliminates old and damaged cells under the skin’s surface and initiate the body’s own natural healing process, replacing damaged skin with newly refreshed skin.

Even if you already have wonderful looking skin, these minimally non-invasive procedures can help further enhance the overall appearance of your skin components. Our board certified plastic surgeons, Melissa, recommends that individuals adopt an effective fall skin care regimen. They also recommends seeing an aesthetician every two to three months, in order to prevent the formation of wrinkles and to maintain beautiful skin for years to come.