Which Countries Nip and Tuck the Most?

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Which Countries Nip and Tuck the Most?

Plastic surgery has become a common theme in the United States. Due to America’s never-ending pursuit of beauty it’s no wonder why almost 14 million cosmetic surgery procedures were performed in 2011. Statistics released by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPA) show that the U.S. is not the only country where people are consumed with enhancing various areas of their face and body. To find out why other countries like China, Brazil, and Colombia have seen a rise in plastic surgery, we have to look at factors such as their culture and economic overview.

The popularity of plastic surgery has spread throughout the Asian continent in the last few years, with South Korea and China seeing an increase in nose jobs, liposuction, and most notably blepharoplasty. The popularity of eyelid surgery can be attributed to many individuals wanting a more “Western” look. According to a news report on abcnews.com, nearly one in five women from Seoul, South Korea have undergone at least one cosmetic procedure.

But Asia isn’t the only continent seeing a steady rise in the number plastic surgery procedures being performed. In Europe, countries like Greece and Italy have recently revealed their own fascination; Italy’s procedure of choice is the injectable Botox®, while Greece’s most admired procedure is breast augmentation.

Rounding out the most popular countries where people go for plastic surgery are South American neighbors Colombia, and Brazil, with the most popular procedures performed in these countries being liposuction and breast augmentation. What makes Brazil’s popularity unique is the implementation of government deduction systems that encourage people to get plastic surgery for compensation of tax breaks in return. Colombia is a popular place for plastic surgery because it often offers cheaper prices for its procedures. (Please note: An overseas cosmetic-friendly destination should always be approached with caution.)

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