Plastic Surgery to Deflect Bullying?

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Plastic Surgery to Deflect Bullying?

With social media outlets that exist today, such as Facebook and Twitter, bullying is becoming more common than ever. Now children can antagonize their fellow classmates at virtually any time of the day rather than waiting until first thing in the morning at school. With the popularity of plastic surgery it should be no wonder why bullied youth is seeking cosmetic procedures to deal with their self-esteem and confidence issues.

For many people, the thought of getting plastic surgery for their child may seem a bit extravagant. Fortunately, as reported in a news article on, a nonprofit organization called The Little Baby Face Foundation will provide corrective surgery to children whose families are in financial need if they feel it is necessary to correct deformities that are causing kids to feel embarrassed and self conscious.

Take 14-year-old Nadia Illse of Georgia. Since the beginning of first grade, she had been bullied by many of her peers because of her physical features, most notably her ears. For the next seven years she heard names like “Dumbo” and “elephant ears” which put a hindrance on her confidence and development as a person. When she turned 10 she discussed with her mother the possibility of getting ear surgery (otoplasty). After some research her mom discovered The Little Babyface Foundation.

The foundation flew Nadia and her mother out to New York to meet with a certified doctor and discuss options for her deformities. To her surprise the doctor also requested that she get a rhinoplasty to correct the septum of her nose and chin implants to create more harmony with the rest of her face.

There are many young people like Nadia and thanks to helpful organizations like The Little Babyface Foundation these individuals don’t have to suffer throughout their childhood.

At Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center of Texas, our board certified plastic surgeons performed many otoplasty surgeries on young people. In fact, many patients who undergo ear surgery are under the age of 18. Our Plano plastic surgeon agrees that if a child’s looks have an affect on their self-esteem then surgery can be an effective option. We welcome patients of all ages to schedule their consultations with our board certified plastic surgeons.