Mommy Makeover with Dallas Plastic Surgeon

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Mommy Makeover with Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Plastic surgeons: Mommy Makeover is a term that incorporates re-contouring and improving the body, in particular after one or multiple pregnancies.

Cheryl: Over the past six years I’ve lost a lot of weight and have had a baby and just had a lot of imperfections that I didn’t like about myself that made staying healthy difficult.

Plastic surgeons: What a mommy makeover incorporates is usually a tummy tuck, which tightens the muscles and the skin and removes the lower abdominal stretch marks, and oftentimes there may be loss of breast tissue from the pregnancy and subsequent nursing, or there may be drooping in addition in which case breast augmentation or a breast lift or the combination of the two is done in conjunction with the tummy tuck. And then there may be need for liposuction as well in, for instance, the hips or the thighs.

Cheryl: My concern is I work. I’m a working mom. So I knew I couldn’t take off several months after each procedure, so that was a big concern of mine and I’m a respiratory therapist and I work 12 hour shifts on my feet so I had to be able to be active when I came back to work. That was a big concern of mine. So our board certified plastic surgeons explained how he would divide up the mommy makeover that would best fit my schedule and my lifestyle. He definitely put me at ease over everything that would be done and what to expect after it was done and how it would look.

Plastic surgeons: Looking in the mirror and not liking what you see, how more personal can that be? And now to look in the mirror and say, I not only look good. I look good for my husband. That’s a knockout there.

Cheryl: Even going to buy a new pair of shorts or a sleeveless shirt, I used to wouldn’t wear short sleeves or a sleeveless shirt and it’s just a freedom that you have to go think something is cute to try it on and it does look cute. I am very pleased with the outcome and service that I got from Dr. Wilcox and it is the best outcome that I ever could have thought.