Body Contouring: Q&A with Dr. Wilcox

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Body Contouring: Q&A with Dr. Wilcox

-Dr. Wilcox: One of the misconceptions about plastic surgery is that everybody comes in as a model wannabe and so forth, but that’s not the case at all. There are all different needs of people who come through the door.

—Shirley: Last year I had a mammogram, and I have had two cysts in my right breast for a couple of years and was concerned. My mother had passed away from breast cancer. My family physician, she suggested that I come see Dr. Wilcox. I talked to Dr. Wilcox about a breast reduction, and at the same time when I came for my consultation I talked to him about a tummy tuck.

-Dr. Wilcox: She had had significant weight loss, but she recognized she was still heavy. She was very large breasted as a result of that and wanted a breast reduction as well as recontouring the rest. She was considering having a tummy tuck, but her dimensions, after we examined her, weren’t conducive to a safe outcome doing a tummy tuck. So what we were able to offer her instead was simply removal of the lower hanging skin and fat of her abdomen.

—Shirley: It’s something that I’d wanted done for several years but didn’t really know if that was something that would be feasible for me. But after talking with him and he gave me all the information about it and told me how good it would look afterwards, and that’s when I decided that I would go ahead with the procedure. I’ve been very pleased with Dr. Wilcox. His information, his bedside manner. He’s very informative. He takes all of the time that you feel like you would want, and any questions that I’ve had he’s taken the time to draw me pictures and to answer my questions. And his nursing staff and the recovery room, I’ve never seen anything like it. The nursing staff were so caring, and I never had a fear of anything of taking infection or anything because they were so caring and so attentive to my needs.

-Dr. Wilcox: Listening to the patient, understanding what they think they’re going to get, and reassuring them what we can and can’t deliver, then we achieve those goals that everybody is happy with.