Skincare at The Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center of Texas

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Skincare at The Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center of Texas

–Our board certified plastic surgeons: We have a very active skin care department. It’s part of our aesthetic practice. When patients come here, we are very proud that we can offer them either surgical rejuvenation or skin care.

–Tina: I think skin care is your icing on the cake. It’s going to help address whatever issues you have for tone and texture and evening out skin color.

–Vicki: Some people are just looking for a more youthful look. They don’t really need surgery. So these different facial fillers actually enhance their face and make them look a lot younger.

–Tina: That, in conjunction working with our board certified plastic surgeons and our specialty of surgery kind of lifting and Vicki helping plump out and fill lines and smooth lines, the whole thing just works really well together.

–Vicki: Every patient is specific, and every need is specific for that patient. So many of them will tell you, they’ll tell you what they’re looking for. And then you just kind of go from there. 

–Tina: The consultation entails me examining the skin, and then I can tell you what I think would be the best protocol for what you have going on, whether it’s wrinkles or acne scarring or active acne or sun damage. It’s usually a program of products, lasers, and chemical peels that will progress along this way to get your skin nice and pretty and glowing.

–Vicki: Many of my patients range from the age of 25 to 70, and I am seeing a lot more men these days. They too want to look better and enhance their appearance. They’re competing a lot of times with a lot of guys that are younger than them. So they too want to look really refreshed too. These treatments stimulate collagen and slow down the aging process. They don’t correct, they actually improve your overall appearance.

–Our board certified plastic surgeons: If we can offer either skin care or surgery, then the patients are comfortable knowing that we’re going to offer them the best treatment for their particular problem.