What It Means To Have A Private, State Licensed, Accredited Surgery Center (AKA: Ambulatory Surgery Center) in Plano, TX

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What It Means To Have A Private, State Licensed, Accredited Surgery Center (AKA: Ambulatory Surgery Center) in Plano, TX

When Deciding To Have Surgical Procedures On Yourself Or A Loved One, It Is Important That You Feel Confident In Knowing That Patient Safety And The Facility Standards For Care Are Amongst The Main Priorities For Both The Surgeon As Well As The Surgical Facility



The founder of:  Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center of Texas, Robert D. Wilcox, M.D. had our private Surgery Center “Plano Center for Surgical Arts” built from the ground up with the determination to ensure the facility would be built and constructed per state and federal licensing requirements. In order to construct a state-of-the-art Ambulatory Surgical Center, extensive work was done to follow requirements outlined by the Texas Department of Health and Human Services as well as the even more stringent regulations required by the Centers for Medicare Services. All aspects of patient care were addressed including the importance of a strict infection control program, close attention to patient and fire safety and ensuring an adequate and well-trained medical staff. Our Ambulatory Surgery Center meets all OSHA requirements and continues to research and implement all new and updated recommendations and requirements published by these regulatory agencies. This also includes updating, informing and training for all staff members involved in the care of our patients in accordance with the facility policies. Dr. Wilcox in conjunction with his Practice Administrator and Surgical Director work together to remain current and up to date on any elevated safety recommendations and standards.  By exceeding the recommendations of the Texas Department of Health and Human Services in any implementations made, this allows our facility to meet the requirements of Medicare accreditation. The Medicare accreditation is a key component that sets our facility standards apart.

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Environmental standards play an important role in patient safety. This includes terminal cleaning of our surgical facility each operational day.  This process includes, removing all surgical equipment from the Operating Rooms, Recovery Room, and Pre-Operative holding areas, sanitizing every surface including ceilings, walls, flooring, any attached cabinets and counter tops. The equipment that is removed from these areas must also be sanitized from top to bottom (including electrical cords) prior to being placed back in to these patient care areas. This process is also completed on another level throughout the day after the completion of each procedure and prior to the next surgery. We have a team of Certified Environmental Specialists that have been providing us with their expert services to ensure every aspect of infection control is practiced in detail.


Another key component that was implemented into the construction of our onsite surgery center is possitive pressure air flow. What this means is the filtered air flow throughout the Surgery Center will only flow to the outside and is unable to recirculate back into the surgery center. This minimizes germ contamination that may be flowing through the HVAC system including the air flow that is created within the surgery center.  In laymen’s terms, every sectioned area within the surgery center has only one-way travel “air flow”.


Fire Safety:

Fire safety was extremely important starting with architectural configuration of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center of Texas as well as the onsite Ambulatory Surgery Center “Plano Center for Surgical Arts”.  Dr. Wilcox worked closely with the fire departments prevention and inspection service departments to ensure the facility met the highest standards. This was a huge part of the construction process. Firewalls were built within and surrounding the surgery center in a strategic manner, meeting the regulations to prevent the spread of any fire situation. In the event of a fire, the fire would be contained within the area the fire was ignited. These same regulations hold true for any possible flammable items within the surgery center such as the patient divider curtains in recovery and the pre-operative holding rooms. All of our staff members that join our practice must complete a fire safety drill by performing live demonstrations and a written test. This is a requirement upon new hires. It is also a requirement to complete a yearly written test as well as a practiced fire drill.


Our Ambulatory Surgery Center “Plano Center for Surgical Arts” is also equipped with a backup generator. In the case of any weather conditions and environmental hazards that cause power failure, all surgical equipment and electrical services remain intact and will continue functioning as normal without interruption.


The “Gold” Standards of Our Ambulatory Surgery Center:

  • All staff members have been trained and are current in advanced care life support certification.
  • Our Facility is a private facility that also offers the option for private aftercare if needed or requested.
  • Procedures performed at our surgery center are elective and have been chosen by the patient. Each patient’s health is pre-screened therefore, our surgery center is not exposed to sick patients or contamination found in acute care facilities.


For Patient’s:

Every aspect in a patient’s life, including stress, nourishment, environment, general health, and personal situations can be a contributor to the success of any surgery including the recovery process.

The staff here at Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Center of Texas and the onsite Ambulatory Surgery Center are experienced and well trained with the purpose of supporting our patient’s safety and desired outcomes. We want our patient’s to feel confident in knowing you are in the best facility and receiving the best care possible. Your safety comes first and it is our priority. Any stress we can relieve in making your surgical decision is a step towards a successful surgery and recovery process.